Bowmen of the Deans 2012

Bowmen of the DeansBowmen of the Deans held their first annual open tournament at Coleford on Sunday 3rd June 2012.

The day started off with light rain and then showers.  When the sun started to shine during lunch everyone thought the weather was going to improve, but the afternoon brought more rain which gradually got heavier and heavier.  But despite the weather everyone had a good shoot.

There were medals and trophies for every category.

There was even a trophy for the barebows!

  • Gold, a trophy and an MB score for Ann White (Ladies Barebow)

And from Llantarnam Archers Pete Bland won the Gents Recurve trophy and Laura Bancroft won silver in the Ladies Recurve Hereford.

Gloucestershire Open 2012 Results