Devauden Fete 2019

St Kingsmark Let Lose at Devauden Fete

By Matthew Kenington (age 14)

The St Kingsmark Bowmen (and women!) were invited to Devauden village fete to put on a display and a ‘have-a-go’ session. It is a traditional village fete and all the money raised goes towards the local village hall and church. The fete has been running for many decades and is always popular with both villagers and others from further afield. It has a reputation that is the envy of the other fetes locally due to its combination of traditional attractions and quirky entertainment (including dangerous animals and reptiles, a magician, alpacas and archery!).

The archery was a very welcome attraction with over 100 members of the public enjoying it. There were even some competitions between families; these were always interesting to watch! The archery talk was a great success (even if I do say so myself – I gave it). The talk was on the different types of bow and the different types of archery. I also talked about the history of archery and how it has changed through the years. Some of the archers then demonstrated the various types of bow and their shooting was admired by all.

I would just like to thank the coaching team and all the other archers that helped make the day a great success. I think both the public and the archers enjoyed the day. I also think that the archery talk went well and drew a big crowd. Finally, I would like to thank the archers that demonstrated the bows for the talk. I believe that the talk was largely responsible for the 50% rise in the number of people who ‘had a go’!