Mission Accomplished

Leamington and Midland Counties

165th Archery Meeting


WMAS Senior Championships

Royal Leamington Spa, 11 & 12 June 2016

By Huw Jones

Dating back as far as 1851, the Leamington and Midland Counties Archery Meeting is the second oldest fixture in the archery calendar. The main championship is a two-day shoot, gentlemen shooting a double York, ladies a double Hereford and juniors double Bristol. However, no need to attend both days because medals are awarded for single day entries as well.

Once upon a time money prizes starting at £8 were awarded, a lot of money in the 1800s. Today’s top prize is a very grand silver mirror for the ladies shooting a double Hereford and the Fisher cup for the gentlemen shooting a double York.

Huw's Fisher Trophy - editedAt last year’s meeting I managed 2nd place in the double York. This year I almost stayed in bed after seeing the weekend weather forecast. Almost. Instead I joined the other archers to battle the elements: rain & gusting winds for 2 days, finishing with a full-blown thunderstorm just after the last arrow was shot. For this I was rewarded with 1st place and having my name engraved for posterity on the historic Fisher Cup. I wonder if it’ll still be there in another 165 years? As a little bonus, my score was good enough for a new Gwent County record and 3 Welsh National records. And if you believe the ancient inscription on the cup, I’m now the Midland Counties & South Wales champion.

Other attractions: Good parking, bacon & sausage butties, nice targets & good company.

Camping: tents & caravans, toilets & showers, bar & Saturday even BBQ.

And even: evening archery practice.

For more information on this tournament see: http://www.rlsas.co.uk

Highest Longbow Score

Longbow cupMembers of St Kingsmark’s “Team Longbow” ventured out to the Tockington Open on Sunday 26th June 2016 and came back with a few Gwent records and the longbow trophy for the highest score.

John Schurer shot the Gents Longbow Hereford round, came first with a score of 360, gained a new Gwent record and won the “Longbow Trophy – Highest Score”.

Rob James shot the Gents Longbow York round, came third and gained the Gwent record.

Jonathan Emery shot the Gents Recurve National round and came second.

Team Longbow Make a Mark at Dunster

Longbow Day at Dunster

“Team Longbow” comprising of Nicola Phillips, John Schurer, Dominic Power, Aubrey Murphy and Andy Tan made a distinctive mark in their burgundy club colours at “Longbow Day” at Dunster Archery Week held on the 15th June 2016, an annual event held in the grounds of Dunster Castle.

Longbow day is a traditional two way Western Round, meaning there are two sets of targets set up facing each other, 4 dozen arrows at 60 yards, then 4 dozen at 50 yards.

The event is organised by volunteers from the Grand Western Archery Society.

Watch the Longbow Day shoot report from Dunster Archery Week on YouTube (and keep an eye out for Team Longbow).

Third MB Score for Nicola

SKB LogoCongratulations to Nicola Phillips on some excellent shooting at the UK Masters at Lilleshall on the weekend of 4th and 5th June 2016.

She made it to seventh position in the head-to-head on the Saturday and sixth overall after putting in her third Master Bowman score of the outdoor season in the FITA on the Sunday. She will get to shoot there again next year!

Click on the links to find the full results from Saturday and Sunday.

A Good Day Out at Black and Gold Archers

SKB LogoIt was a good day out at Black and Gold Archers on Sunday 15 May 2016 for archers from St Kingsmark Bowmen.

Personal Bests for Nicola Phillips and John Schurer with a personal worst for Aubrey Murphy and Richard Ridler (due to miscounting arrows!!). Rich was only 1 point away from gaining the 1000 Rose Award by not shooting his last arrow. Doh!

And you know what a PB means, don’t you? Yes, new Gwent records! John broke the Gwent record for Gents Longbow on the Hereford round, Aubrey broke the Gwent record for Gents Longbow on the York round  and Nicola broke the Ladies Longbow on the Hereford. Nicola also achieved her Three Gold End badge. Well done guys!

The Longbows have been at it again!

SKB LogoThree longbows ventured out to the UK record status Bath Archers Tournament on Sunday 1st May 2016 and one came back a conqueror.

Congratulations to John Schurer of St Kingsmark Bowmen for breaking the Gents Longbow Gwent record.

A Good Start for the Longbows

SKB LogoWith the outdoor season well under way there was a flurry of new Gwent records for St Kingsmark Bowmen’s longbow archers at the Llantarnam Mixed Herefords on Sunday 24th April 2016.

Congratulations to:

  • John Schurer – Gents National
  • Nicola Phillips – Ladies Hereford

A Successful Shoot at Pentref

A successful shoot for Tracey, Greg and Julian at Pentref Bowmen for the Chris Farr Memorial Shoot on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April 2016.

Tracey Hill won the ladies Compound section and together with Greg picked up the married couples trophy.

Julian Cleak managed to better his PB by 30 points on Saturday in the unmarked section and on the Sunday by 4 points in the marked section and you never know may not be in last place this time !!!

Lively Debate at Archery GB AGM

Archery GB LogoOne hundred and thirty people attended this year’s AGM, making it one of the best attended in recent memory. And there was some lively debate as they discussed membership fee proposals, how to make our sport fair to all and its future strategy.

There was also a chance to meet our new elected directors and prizewinners as well as electing a new President. And there were fond farewells to old friends.

Membership Fees

Membership Services Manager Freddie Collier got things under way by outlining Fair And Open To All – the plans for restructuring membership fees.

He said: “We need to put participation at the centre of our thinking, meet the needs of members at a price that represents value for money and, most of all, from the club secretary and Archery GB’s perspective, it needs to be easy to administer.”

One of the proposals was a flat rate of 25 per cent of senior fees – which would work out at £10.50 – for junior members, 18 to 24 year olds and all archers with disabilities. Direct senior rates (25 and over) would rise to £50, club seniors to £42, school and Scout troop clubs would pay £75 and university clubs £140. And they would work out to be cost neutral.

Why were the changes needed? Freddie pointed out that, because of the en-bloc system in operation in junior clubs, some members paid nothing or as little as 50p while other junior club fees were £26 and Direct members were paying £47.

He said: “This issue was addressed at recent roadshows and was well received by audiences – and the attendees understood that this was about fairness and not about generating income. This way every junior would pay the same membership fee.”

A coincidental benefit would be a saving of £5.17 Employers’ Liability Insurance for each en-bloc club that amalgamated with its parent club.

Cutting the fees paid by 18-24-year-olds would help keep young adults in the sport at a time of real change in their lives. And the simplest way to administer the plan was by using dates of birth.

“This is important,” he said. “We need your help. If you can get somebody in their late teens to stay in sport though their 20s, they stay in sport for the rest of their lives.”

Equally, archers with disabilities would each pay £10.50 whether they were shooting in specialist or ordinary clubs. Freddie hoped that by getting rid of the en-bloc status, disabled archers would feel confident to stay or to move to other clubs on an equal basis.

He said it would be a trust-based system where archers who wanted to benefit would self-declare themselves as disabled.

No changes were proposed for university clubs because it was believed that this could have an adverse effect on participation, which might have an impact on Sport England funding. More work had to be done before making any decisions.

It was also decided not to change the fees policy for school and Scout troops to maintain participation where there are no established family links to the sport.

He also discussed pro-rata fees and the proposal to simplify them from quarterly to half yearly to make the process fairer.

The changes put forward generated lively debate during the AGM. Some members worried that the changes to junior fees could hit low-income areas and families, leading to people – particularly juniors – leaving the sport.

Maggie Woolf pointed out that ending en-bloc status for disabled clubs could cause them difficulties in attracting funding and make it more difficult for archers to participate.

Addressing these concerns, new Chairman Mark Davies said that a way had to be found to alleviate financial pressures caused by the changes and he would look into creating a Chairman’s Fund.

The motion to adopt the membership fees was carried by a 55.4 per cent majority, with 5,240 votes for, 4,216 against and 117 abstentions.

A resolution to change the Articles of Association so that the Board could, if necessary, be expanded to 14 was also carried. Mark Davies said: “I am not saying we will expand the board but it would be useful to have the flexibility if needed. It would allow us to bring new people in and keep the corporate memory. That way we will be more effective in holding the executive to account.”

The vote on pro-rata membership was also carried with 55 votes for, 27 against and one abstention.

Executive Directors

The result of the ballot for seven new Executive Directors was announced. The seven successful candidates in alphabetical order were:

  • Simon Cordingley (4536 votes)
  • Dave Harrison (5343)
  • Muriel Kirkwood (4877)
  • Lizzie Rees (5796)
  • Erik Rowbotham (3911)
  • Julie Ryan (5104)
  • Steve Tully (4594)

Trish Lovell was elected as President.

Retiring Chairman Dave Harrison thanked everyone for their support during his time in office and asked members to give his successor Mark Davies and the Board the same level of help and support. Dave was thanked on behalf of members by Susan Custance.

Archery GB’s Strategic Plan

In the afternoon, Chief Executive (Interim) Neil Armitage presented Archery GB’s Strategic Plan 2016 to 2020.

The strategic objective he outlined were to grow and sustain participation with effective facilities, coaching and competition strategies, deliver and sustain Olympic and Paralympic targets and to reduce the reliance on external funding.

People are at the very core of the strategy and its five main pillars are:


  • To develop new places to shoot that are accessible and easy to find.
  • A strategic facilities lead to support facilities development
  • Funding for two schemes: New Place for Target Faces and a club signage programme to make clubs more prominent in local communities
  • Update and review facilities research


  • To develop coaching and competition systems and structures that address the long-term needs of the sport.


  • To bring a further 10,000 people into the sport, either shooting or volunteering. This will be achieved by delivering our progress and places strategy, working with young people, adults and communities and integrating Archery GB’s Performance and Talent Pathways.


  • To achieve UK Sport medal targets for the Olympic and Paralympic programmes for Rio and Tokyo, making sure athletes have all the support and skills they need and building on our Performance Pathway.


  • To promote strong and effective leadership that is fair, balanced and inspires and recognises everyone in the organisation. This will be underpinned by a sustainable funding model achieved by diversifying income streams.

Source: http://www.archerygb.org/news/6992.php#.VxYtlzArLIW

Rubbish Shooting at Cambria Frostbite

Cambrialogo-fullThere was good company for Julian Cleak of St Kingsmark on the target at the Cambria Bowmen Frostbite but rubbish shooting – he only managed to take a bronze.

Kayleigh Louise Baylis took gold in the longbow even though she was displaying a rival club’s colours.

A few spots of rain throughout the day but otherwise very pleasant.

Thanks go to Cambria for organising the shoot and laying on such good food as usual.

Keep an eye on the tournament diary for the BBQ entry form.