St Kingsmark Bowmen

Affiliated to GNAS GCAA WAA FITA


Chepstow Athletic Club

Founded at the Chepstow Community College on Friday 10 August 1968



1. Club Name and Badge

1.1 The Club shall be called St. Kingsmark Bowmen, hereinafter referred to as the “Club”.

1.2 The Club colours shall be Red, White, Blue & Green and the badge shall consist of these four colours quartered in the design of a shield, with overall a rampant lion and dragon facing each other, a target between their paws.

2. General

2.1 The object of the Club shall be the practice and promotion of Archery in all its forms except crossbow archery as laid down by the GNAS, and to foster good relationships among its members and fellow clubs.

2.2 The Club shall abide by the Constitution of the GNAS and Chepstow Athletic Club along with its own Constitution.

2.3 The Executive Officers of the club shall be Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

2.4 The postal address of the Club shall be that of the Club Secretary.

2.5 Club equipment shall be bought by the treasurer subject to the prevail of the committee.

2.6 The committee shall be recognised as the governing body within the club. The funds and property of the club shall be vested in the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

2.7 All monies and sums received on behalf of the club, shall remain the property of the club.

2.8 In the event of the club being dissolved all assets shall, after payments of all debts and liabilities, be vested in the officers of the club until such time as the clubs future is determined. If it is decided to close the club, the disposal of the assets shall be decided at a specially convened EGM. Any decision must be unanimous.

3. Membership

3.1 Any person interested in Archery shall be eligible for admittance as a member. (Revised 1st April 1992).

3.2 Membership in the Club shall be:

i Associate Members, to be sponsored by at least one existing Committee Member and approved by the committee.

ii Honorary Life Members, to be elected at the AGM.

iii Associate Junior Members, under the age of 18 years.

iv Social Members, to be sponsored by at least one existing Committee Member and approved by the Committee. Social Members will be non-shooting adults.

4. Subscriptions

4.1 All Members other than Honorary Life Members shall pay an annual subscription to the Club, at rates to be determined from time to time by Members at the AGM.

4.2 The annual subscription shall be paid in two instalments. The Committee shall determine the subscription for any new Member joining after 1st October.

4.3 Members who have not renewed their subscription one month after the first day of April and October, shall be notified by the Treasurer in writing and if the subscription is not paid by one month later, shall be said to have resigned from the Club.

5. Committee

5.1 The Management of the Club shall be left to the Committee, which shall consist of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of three other members. (Revised 2010).

5.2 The Committee shall be responsible for all organising of tournaments, club visits, social activities, target days, fund raising etc.

5.3 The Committee shall have the power to reprimand, suspend or expel any member who is guilty of gross breach of the shooting or constitution rules, or by his or her conduct whether within the Club or elsewhere shall in their opinion render him or her unfit for membership. * Rule 10 of the Chepstow Athletic Club applies *

5.4 For the business of running the Club the Committee shall be able to co-opt any non-voting Officer to the Committee, e.g. Records Officer, Equipment Officer etc.

5.5 The Committee shall meet as and when necessary. (Revised 2010)

5.6 All Members of the Committee shall be elected at the AGM.

5.7 The Chairman is to preside over all meetings and to have an additional deciding vote.

5.8 A Quorum shall consist of four Committee Members, one of whom must be an Executive Officer.

5.9 The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be responsible for the Clubs administration between Committee meetings

6. Club Rules and Regulations

6.1 In accordance with GNAS Insurance policy cover, no visitor other than a GNAS or FITA member shall be allowed to shoot within the club. (Revised 2010)

6.2 Novices wishing to join the club must first enrol for a course of instruction with the club or have been through a properly constituted beginners course with GNAS coaches elsewhere

6.3 No Archer shall take, hire or borrow from the club any equipment for their or anyone else’s use outside the club, excepting for bows and arrows needed for tournaments during their first year.

6.4 Permission for the use of Bows and Arrows etc. Must first be obtained from the Club Secretary and such equipment returned to the Secretary within two days.

6.5 Archers receiving a request from outside bodies for demonstrations, talks etc. should forward such information to the Committee via the Secretary.

6.6 The rules of shooting as laid down by the GNAS and FITA shall be observed by all members on all Club and Target Days, and whenever the Club shall meet for functions outside the Club. (Revised 2010)

6.7 All Affiliation and Club fees must be paid promptly at the stated time to the Treasurer or Secretary.

6.8 All members to assist with the range and repairing of Club equipment.

6.9 Juniors under the age of 14 years shall be accompanied by an adult, who shall be responsible for the junior at all times while shooting.

6.10 A minimum of two people to be present whilst shooting is in progress; one person must be a GNAS adult member. (Added 1st April 1992).

7. Annual General Meeting

7.1 The Annual general Meeting shall be held before the end of April at a venue to be agreed. (Revised 2010)

7.2 Not less that 21 days notice to be given to all club members.

7.3 Any proposed alterations to the Club rules should be handed to the Secretary in writing along with nominations for Office no later than three days before the AGM. Any proposed changes or nominations from the floor during the AGM would be taken at the discretion of the Club Officers and Committee. (Revised 25th March 1994)

7.4 Such proposals and nominations to be signed by two current members.

7.5 All Officers shall be eligible for re-election. (Revised 1986)

7.6 All Associate members and Honorary Life Members to have one vote each. No junior shall vote

7.7 The AGM quorum shall be one quarter of the club’s membership.

7.8 At the AGM the business shall include:

1. The annual reports and accounts

2. Election of Officers

3. Yearly finance

4. Proposed Tournaments

5. Any Other Business

7.9 Any Retiring Chairman or Secretary shall be ex-officio on the committee for the following year.

7.10 During the 21 days notice of the AGM no new membership or business of the club will be carried out. The Secretary to hold all such requests until the Committee is re-formed.

Last revised March 2010

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