Outdoor Classification Badge Scheme

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The Club, at the request of the Chairman, is introducing the Classification Archers Badge Scheme.

  • The awarding of the badges will be presented at the Christmas /New Year Social each year.
  • All the information is available in The Archery GB Shooting Administration Procedures.
  • The majority of the badges can be shot on a Club night or at Sunday Club.
  • A total of three qualifying scores is required for each badge.
  • The excel spreadsheets in the Classifications for Each Bow Type section below contain all the required scores for each different bow type / round shot. They are extracted from The Archery GB Shooting Administration Procedures and are presented in an easier format to understand. Click on the link to the spreadsheet to download a pdf version of it.
  • Score sheets for each type of round are available below. Click on the link to the score sheet to download a pdf version of it.
  • John Schurer can provide help on any questions you may have.
  • All score sheets should be submitted to the Records Officer, Malcolm Davies (or John Schurer if he is unavailable).


Initial grading and subsequent upgrading occurs immediately the necessary scores have been made in the defined year. Apart from occasions when juniors become seniors or change age groups, the qualification, as a minimum, holds for one year immediately following that in which it is gained. If it is not maintained during that year, reclassification shall be on the scores made during the year. An archer may hold different classifications in different archery disciplines. An archer who has failed to reach the qualifying scores for the lowest classification grade shall be listed as an Archer. An archer who previously held a classification but failed to shoot the minimum number of rounds required to acquire a classification during the following defined year shall be listed as unclassified (U/C).

The excel spreadsheets are classification tables for outdoor rounds shot on recurve, compound, longbow and barebow. They include round information, distances and minimum scores required for each grading. They are laid out in an easy to understand manner. The information is taken from the April 2016 Archery GB Shooting Administration Procedures.

Select the appropriate classification sheet for your gender and bow style using the excel tables.

Bowman, 1st Class, 2nd Class and 3rd Class

  • Qualifying Rounds. As shown in the excel spreadsheet.
  • Number of rounds. Three.
  • All scores must be shot under Archery GB Rules of Shooting, at a meeting organised by Archery GB or a body affiliated to Archery GB, or at any associated club target day. See the Rules of Shooting for conditions of shooting at a Club Target Day.
  • Claims for Bowmen, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class will be dealt with and issued at Club level for all disciplines of bow type.

Master and Grand Master Bowman

  • Qualifying Rounds: As shown in the excel spreadsheet
  • Number of Rounds: Three.
  • All rounds must be shot at an event organised by WA, WA Members, or Archery GB, or at a UK Record Status meeting which qualify as per the excel spreadsheet.

Claims for Grand Master and Master Bowman at both Junior and Senior level will be dealt with at Archery GB for all bow types. Claims for the title of Grand Master and Master in all disciplines as appropriate shall be submitted on the appropriate form to Membership Services, as soon as possible after the achievement each year and in any case to be received by 31st December.

It shall be the responsibility of the archer concerned to submit the claim together with the official Result Sheets sent out by the Organisers of the Meetings.

The claim shall include a certificate defining the style of bow the archer was shooting.

Membership Services GB will:

  • Confirm the validity of the claim.
  • Notify the claimant and send him the appropriate badge, provided that an identical badge has not previously been issued to that archer for the same archery discipline and bow style.
  • Publicise the award.


Classifications for each Bow Type

FITA Classifications All Bow Types

GNAS Classification All Bow Types

Score Sheets

FITA and Metric

Scoresheets Target Outdoor FITA and Metric Rounds

Scoresheets Target Outdoor FITA (FITA, Metric)

Scoresheets Target Outdoor FITA (70m, 60m, 50m)

Scoresheets Target Outdoor FITA (FITA 900)

GNAS Imperial

Scoresheets Target Outdoor GNAS Imperial Rounds

Scoresheets Target Outdoor GNAS Imperial (York, Hereford, Bristol)

Scoresheets Target Outdoor GNAS Imperial (St George, Albion, Windsor)

Scoresheets Target Outdoor GNAS Imperial (Western)

Scoresheets Target Outdoor GNAS Imperial (American)

Scoresheets Target Outdoor GNAS Imperial (St Nicholas)

Scoresheets Target Outdoor GNAS Imperial (National)

Scoresheets Target Outdoor GNAS Imperial (Warwick)