Club Colours

Our Club Colours

The club colours registered for St Kingsmark Bowmen and St Kingsmark Juniors are as follows:

  • POLO/T SHIRT – Burgundy


Order a Club Shirt

We purchase our club shirts from Cardiff Embroidery.

Have a look at what’s available

Download an order form

Once you’ve decided what you want just complete your Name, Colour, Size and Quantity on the order form and  indicate whether you shoot right or left-handed so that the badge can be embroidered on the correct side.  Please complete a separate order form for each archer if necessary.  No maths required – the “Cost” and “Total” are  automatically calculated when you complete the “Quantity” column.

Please email your completed order form to The Secretary.

Please note the following when ordering:

  • All sizes (in inches) are “to fit” so if you want to have a bit more room to move order the next size up
  • Not all garments are available in our club colour burgundy so where applicable those also available in white, bottle green or forest green have also been included
  • Sorry ladies, but not all garments are available in women’s sizes so you’ll have to make do with the men’s
  • Prices may vary
  • All prices include VAT (except childrens) and one embroidery
  • Embroidering your name underneath the badge costs an extra £2
  • The weight indicates the number of grams per square metre (gsm), so the higher the gsm the thicker and more hard-wearing the garment

Dress Regulations

307. Dress Regulations

(a) The recognised dress of the Society is plain dark green and/or white.
(b) Footwear that fully encloses the toes and front of the foot must be worn at all times when shooting.
(c) Members of the Society shooting and officiating at tournaments granted UK or World Record Status by GNAS are required to wear clothing that is appropriate, clean, in good condition (ie not frayed or worn, either deliberately or by use) and conventional in style and appearance. In particular:
(i) Tops or shirts must cover the front and back of the body (including the midriff when at full draw), they must not be strapless and, for gentlemen, must include sleeves.
(ii) Any colour garments may be worn with the exception of blue denim, olive drab and camouflage pattern.
(iii) Badges, Logos and Wording

a. Clothing manufacturers’ trade marks are allowed.The wearer’s name is allowed.
b. Individuals, and members of clubs and other archery organisations that are commercially sponsored may wear sponsors’ logos and names during the sponsorship period only.
c. Other wording or badges on clothing must represent archery organisations.
(iv) Members of the Society who are officiating as the Chairman of Judges, Judge or Director of Shooting at a UK or World Record Status tournament shall wear GNAS recognised Judges official dress.
(v) A member of the Society who has represented Great Britain (GBR) as an archer at an international tournament may wear their international shooting uniform for the remainder of that season and the following one.